Monday, April 17, 2006

Izzy rides Taco!!!

Sunglasses on & ready to go outside to ride!!!
Izzy did well riding and was able to hold herself up much of the time she rode.
They could tell a difference from the last time we were there and much of the time Joy only held the edge of her hensinger (neck brace she wears sometimes on the taller horses to keep her from having her head jerked back if the horse moves too quickly).
Izzy from the back riding Taco... Look how good she is holding herself up with minimal support!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Izzys World ...

Isabelle is HEALTHY!!!
We are so thankful for her continued good health!
Several things have been happening in Izzy's world...
1. We went to a pediatric dds last week and she wants to do extensive dental work because of some grinding etc. that took place primarily early on after her accident. We are trying to get pre-auth's from dental and medical ins. and may have a bit of a battle on our hands. Please pray that this all works out.
2. We are getting ready to head back to Ponca for more hbot!!! I think we are doing 20 dives this time consecutively. I am so excited to watch her make gains from another round.
3. Izzy got to ride Opie and goes back next Monday for another round of horse therapy. Matt was able to meet us there and see her ride. She did well!
4. We are getting everything moving on our trip to PA this Summer for brain net. Izzy's chiropractor is organizing a golf tournament fundraiser. EXCITING!

Iz had a good day today at school. Her O.T. said her head control was just getting better and better. She was able to sit at the table with her class while they dyed Easter eggs! They said she was really motivated to watch all the activity and kept her head up nicely. She later worked with the visual specialist and also did a great job at "looking."

...With God all things are possible.
-Matthew 19:26 NIV