Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Report Card

I thought I would share the details of Izzy's report card for this 9 weeks at school. She has been doing really great at school. We are so extremely blessed with the group of people who work with Izzy at school. They are the BEST!

Izzy's IEP goals page showed the following::::::::::::::::::
While in supported sitting or standing, Isabelle will initiate reaching for object or switch, 3/4 presented.
10/14/08 25%
1/6/09 40%
3/11/09 50%

Goal #2
In supported sitting or standing, Iz will maintain head/neck in neutral position for two minutes, 2/5 trials, while engaged in visual or academic activity.
10/14/08 10%
1/6/09 25%
3/11/09 50%

Izzy has been doing great with head control activities in all positions. She has been able to hold a neutral position while prone over a wedge and without complaint!

Progress report

Izzy is a sweet young lady who always tries hard. She has shown much
improvement this school year. Since our last progress report Izzy has
shown an increase in her ability to answer yes/no questions using her yes/no
cards. She has shown us that if given 3-17 seconds to respond she will
wiggle the fingers on the hand that has the corresponding answer.

A definite improvement in her head control and eye gaze has been made this
semester. She holds her head straighter and holds her eye contact longer
when using the new CCTV machine in the classroom. Her attention span is
longer and she seems to really enjoy looking at the material presented on the

Izzy loves to ride the bike and do things that are physical. I have
watched her develop an increase in fine motor control. When I place items
in her hands she holds them for longer periods of time. She likes to draw
and color.

Izzy is holding her head up for longer periods of time while on her
stomach. She is becoming more vocal when she wants something. On the
occassion that her teacher says or does something silly she cuts her eyes over
and gives us "the look!"

Michelle and I look forward to seeing her everyday. She is a joy to
work with.

Melanie C.

Like I said, these are such great people who encourage Izzy to do her best and push herself daily. I am so thankful for them!

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