Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cowgirl izzy

Izzy's teacher, Barbara, emailed this photo to me this afternoon! I just had to share it with you.

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apples & pre-k

Izzy enjoyed pre-k today, making apple hats and playing in cornmeal!
Here is a picture they took at school with some of her friends.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

little bears all in a row~

Izzy is watching her pre-k friend, Mykayla line bears up
on her arm...

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

more school news~

Today was Izzy's day to stay late with Camilla, Izzy's physical therapist at school.
Camilla said that Izzy worked in her room with Margaret, Izzy's school speech therapist. She said that she got Izzy in a good tailor sitting position while Margaret worked on choices with Izzy, using her vision. She started showing her balls of different colors and then started working on same and different. She then would say, "look at the ball that is the same color as your pants." Camilla said she got every direction correct and that her eye movements are getting a lot faster.

While loading Izzy up I saw Candace, who works in the pre-k class. She stopped to tell me that they love having Izzy in pre-k. I told her Izzy loves it too. She said that Isabelle loves when they are singing and that she really follows everything going on. She said that she enjoys her friends.

I enjoyed hearing these good reports this afternoon so much I thought I would share them with you!

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Some pics of Izzy this week~

Izzy surfing the net with big brother Bailey...

Izzy with the arangatang that seems to interest her at school...
look at that expression!

More with the arangatang...

Feeling the buzzy bee.

Izzy went to see Bear today. He always does very well working with her and giving me ideas... We made it back home in time to eat and get to pre-k. Izzy had a good day today. Rumor has it she and Barbara (her teacher) got stuck in the ball pit... She got to sit at the computer with her friends in pre-k Jaycee & Tessa.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

school news~

Izzy's been a little stuffy the past few days, but she's a trooper! She went to school yesterday and worked hard. Tuesdays are her 'late' day with Camilla (p.t.). When I picked her up a little early she was putting her in the walkable. Camilla said she thought maybe Izzy wasn't up to doing this work, but she knew I would come in and say... "she's fine!" like always. I'm getting quite a reputation at that school! Anyway, Izzy did a good job in the walkable and seemed less cranky about it than last time I saw her in it.

I didn't get to speak to Margaret (s.t.) personally, but Camilla was 'around' when Margaret was working with Izzy and said that Izzy was really talking with her. She said that she had given Izzy a choice between a cracker and a cookie and she said Izzy said, "cookie." After she had a few nibbles (it was chocolate mint and apparently not a favorite of Isabelles) she asked if she wanted more to which Izzy replied, "no."

Niecie said that while in Pre-K class she put her little hand up for a stamp like the others and has been doing that everyday.

Baby steps? Maybe. I think they are worthy of praise to God, who makes all things possible.

Here is a picture of Izzy with her friends Tessa and Karis. They are two of her new bffs at Pre-K and are so sweet with her. I think I mentioned them building a castle on her tray and Izzy holding her arms back carefully as to not knock the castle down.

Last night Matt was tickling Izzy's feet and she was fussing at him. He told her if she wanted him to stop she had to use her words and say "stop" or "no," she immediately said, "no." He stopped!

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