Wednesday, May 14, 2008

an update... finally!

It's been a while since I've posted an update so I thought I would tell you a few things going on with Isabelle lately...

At school they are constantly looking for ways for Isabelle to communicate and share her choices. They use several things and one way they are giving her a choice is asking her to blink once for yes, and no blink for no. Camilla was with Izzy in pre-k and told her it was time to move to her purple chair. She said Izzy fussed. So she explained it was time to get into the purple chair again and Izzy fussed again. So Camilla looked into her face and said, "would you rather sit in your stroller?" and she said Izzy gave a very exaggerated blink for YES! She is getting pretty good at using this method for letting her views be known.

Yesterday Camilla was with her again in pre-k class. She said that she was in her stroller and she had put Izzy's feet on the foot rests. Izzy usually doesn't like to keep her feet in this position, but Camilla told her to keep her feet there so she does not kick her friends. Camilla said she was very careful to keep her feet in that position. She was at the play doh table and Camilla was talking to someone when she noticed Izzy had reached for a cookie cutter the kids were using to make shapes with the play doh. She was sliding it towards her. A friend helped her cut her play doh and Camilla said she opened her hand to hold it.

She continues to do little things daily that show us and others that she is so aware of her environment and she really wants to participate in things. She has been ringing her bell more and more.

Isabelle is getting so tall and is cutting one of her front teeth (finally). She has been a snaggle tooth girl for a year now.

We're coming up on four years since her accident. It's been a long four years, but we know God has been right here with us every step of the way. He has guided us and strengthened us. He has sent just the right people at just the right time to help and encourage us. I want to thank each person who has continued to keep Isabelle in prayer and has believed in her healing. Walking by faith, not sight is truly easier to place on a pretty plaque than to live, but we continue to believe God's promises over what our physical eyes see or what the world says.

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