Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Izzy had another good school day working hard. She spent a lot of time with Camilla and was very intent on listening to her conversation with the vision therapist helping out. She did assisted walking again and did well, relaxing and taking cues to relax. The letter of the week is Q and her ST said she was trying to make the q sound in st. Her little pre-k friends played dress up with her yesterday and here's a picture of Izzy wearing fake hair and boa!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

back to school

Izzy sure was ready to get back to school today! With the week off due to the ice storms and then two weeks for Christmas... it's been a long break!

She had a good day today and was smiling when she saw me come into Camilla's pt room to pick her up.

I had a little meeting with her teacher, Barbara, about the future. I have been so blessed with the love and encouragement these teachers and therapists have shown to Izzy and me over the last few years.

Isabelle has started moving the curtain back in the mornings to reveal the light from the sun. Matt is looking for a bell that she can ring when she wakes up since she has been doing that several days now.

This week is national week of prayer and fasting. We are participating and praying for specific things everyday, today is "situations that seem impossible." I have a few of those (: ...

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