Wednesday, August 22, 2007

pre-k **updated** new pic

I don't have any new pics (yet) of Izzy at school. I will post any when I get them...
But wanted to share some things that Niecie and Camilla told me yesterday when I picked Izzy up from school.

The pre-k teacher has some kind of monkey that has light up eyes and makes noise. Apparently Izzy was really really interested in this thing. They said she was looking down and when the teacher passed by with it she perked up and watched it intently.

The pre-k teacher went around the circle taking their little right hand and helping them make the sign for the number seven. As she made her way around the circle each child raised their hand for her to arrange their fingers for them. Camilla said that the closer the teacher got to Iz, she could feel izzy raising her right arm and was ready for the teacher to arrange her fingers when it was her turn! Isn't that cool?

They say Izzy lights up and loves pre-k. They are going to begin giving her a choice after vision therapy to either go back to the pre-k class or to go to Ms. Barbara's class. I'm excited about this year. Another thing I've noticed is that she is more vocal, I think those children's chatter is encouraging her to try her voice too.

Keep praying, she's doing so great.
I love you Camilla!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

school days

Here's a pic of Izzy with one of the pre-k teacher assistants (Candace) who sits with her during circle time.

Niecie told me the first day at pre-k the kids were all questioning what had happened to Izzy and she wasn't sure what or how much to tell them. I told her to tell them that Izzy got into the swimming pool without her mommy or daddy and that they must be very careful when around water without an adult. She went back the next day and told them that and one of the little boy's parents said he came home and said, "I don't know what happened, but she got in the water without her parents and now her arms and legs don't work." I think it is great that they are learning water safety. They all want her to talk to them and ask everyday, "when will she talk to us?" She will talk. I just know it.

Niecie also said that they left pre-k to do visual therapy. Izzy fussed and fussed so Niecie asked her what she wanted. She said do you want to go back to pre-k, more fussing. Do you want to go to see Ms. Barbara? More fussing. So Niecie said, "Okay Izzy, I don't know what you want to do. You are going to have to help me out here." So she said one more time, "Do you want to go to pre-k?" and Izzy looked straight in her eyes like, "finally" and then she said, "or do you want to go see Ms. Barbara," more fussing. They went back to pre-k and the fussing went away and she was a happy girl again. She really likes the kids in the pre-k class.

I left my camera with Izzy today to get pics and Niecie is going to ask some parents tomorrow for permission to take their pics playing with Izzy.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

school days~

Here's Izzy with Niecie and Barbara. I love them!
I also love Camilla who is not in the pic, I'll try to add her later. They are all a huge blessing!
Izzy had a great first day! She loved being in the pre-K classroom.
Camilla is going to have her walk (in the walkable) to pre-k two times per week.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

stroller etc.

The umbrella type stroller that Dawn sent arrived Friday. I took Izzy to a church outing Saturday and then used it for church Sunday. It is so nice and lightweight. I just love it. Here's a pic taken on Saturday. The sun was so bright we forgot her sunglasses so she is squinting. I think she enjoyed both outings. Tomorrow is the first day of school! I'll try to write an update and post a pic or two!

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

izzy standing...

Here are a few pics of Izzy standing up today. She is doing great! Healthy & happy!
School starts Monday.

p.s. thanks terri for the fun light up aquarium!!!

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