Sunday, August 12, 2007

stroller etc.

The umbrella type stroller that Dawn sent arrived Friday. I took Izzy to a church outing Saturday and then used it for church Sunday. It is so nice and lightweight. I just love it. Here's a pic taken on Saturday. The sun was so bright we forgot her sunglasses so she is squinting. I think she enjoyed both outings. Tomorrow is the first day of school! I'll try to write an update and post a pic or two!

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OKGardners said...

Love that new stroller. What a blessing that someone would share theirs with you. That's what friends are for!

Izzy is the usual cute doll she always is.


Anonymous said...

Awww, she looks so comfy! I'll be thinking of her today during her first day at school!!

Marcia said...
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Given Grace said...

Izzy looks adorable! And the new stroller seems to be perfect for her!

Hoping her first day of school went great! Hope to see some pics. Thanks for sharing!

oh amanda said...

That thing does look nice and lightweight. She's a cutie!

Luke's Mom said...

I love the stroller, what is the name of it? I'm so happy to read that Izzy is so healthy, you are blessed beyond words.

Izzy is looking awesome. I will be praying that the trip to Disneyworld is the best trip ever.

Love in Christ,

PS Thank you for sharing the songs on your blog, I think I could listen to them a 100 times and never get tired of thier message.

Donetta said...

Dear Lady , I would like to have a way to post a link to your sweet Izzy's story. I have a deep place within my heart that has set grove for your family , but especially for your Son Baily. I am Mother of many and your son will be in my heart as he will be continually interceeded for upon every rememberance of him.