Sunday, February 12, 2012

new look & countdown begins...

We are now in the "chute" as my surfing sister Tiffany put it... Friday, February 17, Izzy will have surgery. Spinal fusion from base of neck to tail bone. I am not looking forward to this day and have actually dreaded it for some time now. Izzy has been doing really great at school, learning so much, smiling, standing, riding her bike... and now I feel like this is a big PAUSE in her progress to fix her sweet little curvy back. I know that this ultimately will make her life easier because we spend so much time trying to make her comfortable using pillows etc. It also means more lying down to prevent further curving. She hates the tlso (back brace) and although she begins her day with it on, wearing it to school, she lets me know even before we get there that she wants it OFF. I don't blame her!

Thank you my sweet bloggy friend Judi for making Izzy's blog look fresh and cute!!!