Thursday, April 08, 2010

where we are now...

I took Iz to the surgeon for a x-ray check on her back yesterday. He said that her back is 20 degrees improved with the brace. He was satisfied with those results so for now there will be no adjustments... other than those made by izzy getting used to wearing it. She made some acknowlegement today with Camilla that she is "wiggling" out of it, turning it sideways. When it is crooked her para Michele takes it off. So far she hasn't complained too much while wearing it.

Our next step is to visit the doctor in May to do pre-surgery paperwork etc. It's hard to imagine that her surgery isn't much more than a month away!

She had a few sleepy days this week but thankfully "came back" to us today. She was vocal and had the spark back in her eye. Melanie sent her report card home today with a lovely note about her progress that I will post when a) I have it on hand, and b) I have time to type it all out.

I cannot say often enough how blessed we are with the teachers and therapists at school.

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