Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I had to take a picture of Izzy today when she finished her bath.
Then I
had to share it with you.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

orlando - final post

We started our morning (Monday) visiting with Pluto and Mary Poppins.
Pluto was a sweetie!
The girls with Goofy.

We left the village and headed to Universal Studios!

Our first ride was the Dr. Seuss ride.

Izzy really did like this ride! After the first spin she was really holding on though.

We stopped in the I Love Lucy shop

Not long after we came out we saw the actress playing Lucille Ball.
She was so sweet. The girls were up on the sidewalk taking her picture and she stepped down into the 'street' and knelt down to visit with Isabelle and told her how beautiful she is. Very sweet. I didn't spend a lot of time visiting the characters, but found her attention to Izzy to be very endearing and genuine.

Another ride that we all loved including Izzy was the E.T. ride!

Here's Izzy on the E.T. ride!

Well, that almost concludes our trip.... We spent our last evening at the Villa, had dinner and packed. It was a wonderful wonderful week! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

day five ~ seaworld

First we saw the flamingos.
I was showing Isabelle this adorable Rosita puppet and we found a really cute seaworld t-shirt for her here!

The kids all got temporary tatoos. Here is Emelia's.

Bailey is pretending it hurts :o)!

The group...

Feeding the dolphins

In the manitobe building

Waiting for the show to start.

The Seaworld outing was really fun. Shamu was great and I loved the "Believe" show! We headed back to the villa and had dinner.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

day four

We got up Saturday morning and drove an hour and a half to Melbourne Beach.
It was beautiful. The water was so powerful and I could feel the power and presence of God there. I sat on the beach, holding Isabelle and a devo song came into my mind...
"have you ever stood at the ocean,
felt the white foam at your feet
heard the endless thundering motion,
then I'll say you've seen Jesus my Lord."
I got a little teary eyes singing the song to myself and enjoying the view.

The kids loved playing in the sand and water.

Here we are letting Izzy feel the white foam and waves on her feet.

Here's mom & izzy sitting on the beach!
Emelia building a sand castle.
Emelia & Bailey just enjoying the water
I couldn't resist writing Izzy in the sand...
So, we left after we all got really sandy and wet and headed back to the villa to change and eat lunch. We had plans to go to Disney MGM for the afternoon. It was a perfect afternoon, no rain!

The kids posing at the Chronicles of Narnia display.
I love the shrub of Snow White behind the kids...
We ended our MGM tour with a ride!
The Tower of Terror!!!
It was very scary!
I barely opened my eyes.
That was the end of Saturday, day four of our trip.
We went back to the villa and then went to dinner.
They had a princess and pirate party there so we walked around a little and then headed to bed.
We had to rest up for Sunday (Seaworld)...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

disney ~ day three

Here we are first thing Friday morning, meeting Barney!
(and baby bop and TJ)
Just meeting the group...
We headed over to the pillow maker to get a special pillow!
Here's Izzy with her pillow.

We were then given a star to write Izzy's name on...

This is the ceiling of the castle of miracles. Izzy's star is in this section.
There are 36,000 stars in the castle!
All this before breakfast! Here we are sitting at the breakfast table!
Izzy is happy, it's been a great morning.

Izzy with Amanda
Change of clothes and ready to go to Epcot!

Happy in the car as we're pulling out of the drive.

We got very very wet! It came a downpour as we were walking to get into epcot.
You can tell I am saying, "I'm soaking wet!"
Here's little soaking wet Izzy!

This was Izzy's favorite ride at Epcot. It was all about Nemo.

That pretty much concluded day three. We went back to the villa and got dry... ate dinner and headed to bed. I'll be back soon with day four.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

disney vacation ~ day one and two!

The first day of our vacation was spent mostly traveling. We left OKC early (before daylight) Wednesday morning. Here we are at our first layover in St. Louis, MO.

We arrived in Orlando around 3:00 p.m. and made our way to "Give Kids the World" at about four. We were taken to our villa where we found a gift basket full of fun goodies and a fridge full of yummy treats! A big Mickey Mouse doll for Izzy and shamus for everyone! They brought gifts for each kid everyday with the daily newsletter of events and menu. It was so much fun! and the fun started! and then Izzy fell fast asleep!Up early Thursday morning, we met Mickey & Minnie (and Belle too!)

The kids played in the water for a little while in the morning. Here's Bailey trying to hide, he didn't want to be caught playing in the fun water park (teenagers :o)... and then we got ready to go to Disney's Magic Kingdom!

This is the monorail thingy that we had to ride into the park. I was so hot and Izzy got upset and fell asleep when I held her. This is one of the many lovely flattering pictures of me, notice the incredible amount of glow I have :o)! Here are my cool kids, getting ready to enter Magic Kingdom!

We rode lots of rides. Izzy liked the sleeping beauty ride and here are me & Amanda on the dumbo ride.

Izzy enjoying an icee!
Me reassuring Izzy on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride :o)! (kisses always help)
waiting for the ferry...
Christmas night at GKTW. Here's me and Izzy out for the night of fun.

Izzy with Santa and Mrs. Clause.Isabelle picked a glow worm for her Santa gift.

Here was Izzy with Mayor Clayton (the mayor of GKTW).
That ended our first two days in Florida!
I'll be back soon for day three!

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