Thursday, October 18, 2007

day four

We got up Saturday morning and drove an hour and a half to Melbourne Beach.
It was beautiful. The water was so powerful and I could feel the power and presence of God there. I sat on the beach, holding Isabelle and a devo song came into my mind...
"have you ever stood at the ocean,
felt the white foam at your feet
heard the endless thundering motion,
then I'll say you've seen Jesus my Lord."
I got a little teary eyes singing the song to myself and enjoying the view.

The kids loved playing in the sand and water.

Here we are letting Izzy feel the white foam and waves on her feet.

Here's mom & izzy sitting on the beach!
Emelia building a sand castle.
Emelia & Bailey just enjoying the water
I couldn't resist writing Izzy in the sand...
So, we left after we all got really sandy and wet and headed back to the villa to change and eat lunch. We had plans to go to Disney MGM for the afternoon. It was a perfect afternoon, no rain!

The kids posing at the Chronicles of Narnia display.
I love the shrub of Snow White behind the kids...
We ended our MGM tour with a ride!
The Tower of Terror!!!
It was very scary!
I barely opened my eyes.
That was the end of Saturday, day four of our trip.
We went back to the villa and then went to dinner.
They had a princess and pirate party there so we walked around a little and then headed to bed.
We had to rest up for Sunday (Seaworld)...

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Luke's Mom said...

More great pictures, thank you for sharing with us. How is Izzy doing? Have you been able to get caught up after the trip? I just began taking Luke to a Rolfer Massager, I like the way he is responding. How often do you get Izzy in to see Bear? Are you able to continue with her Neuro program? I wonder if I would be more consistent with those exercises, if we would see Luke farther along.

Love in Christ,