Monday, December 25, 2006


This is such a busy time of the year! We are almost
finished with all the Christmas celebrating. Matt's
mother had to have surprise back surgery Thursday
so that changed our plans a bit. She is doing great
now though and we are all thankful that this has
alleviated her pain.
Isabelle had her Christmas party at school Friday
(pics will come soon). She exchanged gifts with a
classmate and pushed her button to say thank you
at the appropriate time after recieving a cute little
baby doll. She has really held a tight grip on that
baby, it is special to her. We also found out that she
apparently loves sprite.
We drove to Tulsa yesterday to visit Matt's mom for
Christmas. Emelia recieved a karaoke machine from
them so we will have constant entertainment!

I pray for blessings overflowing for the New Year!
Thank you for your love and prayers.

Annie & Izzy

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Monday, December 04, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

This has been a crazy couple of weeks... 
I have been to three funerals... 
Sylvia Johnston... a lovely lady who attended church with me.  She was beautiful
inside and out and was so kind to me & to Izzy.
Estelle Dehart... my maternal grandmother.  She was a sweet kind woman who
served her very large family.
Ozella Lemmon... my dear friend Mendy's grandmother.  She was a joy to her
family.  Mendy offered her eulogy and did a beautiful tribute in her memory.

Coming away from these funerals with the technology today that provides
slide shows which offer a life time of memories.  You quite literally are able
to watch the person's life pass before your very eyes.  I think the lesson I leave
with is that each day is truly a gift from God to be savored.  The people in our
lives are there for a reason and they are a blessing.

On another note... Izzy is doing well.  She remains so healthy.  It is amazing how
sturdy and healthy she is.  School was cancelled last Thursday-Friday because of
snow and ice.  It was a nice time to enjoy the kids.  We continue to do programming
with Izzy and have began doing some different games with blocks and toys to try
to get her more motivated.  She always surprises us with her abilities.  She is the
sweetest little girl.  (I have to stop saying baby since she is four years old). 

I am about 25% finished decorating for christmas and have put the tree up.  
I am finally feeling the Christmas feeling.

Love and blessings to all and many many thanks for your continued faithful