Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today was Izzy's IEP at school.
I can't say I was looking forward to this day.
It is mostly a lot of paperwork.
I liked the positive tone of the answers to the questions on the forms.
The teachers, therapists.... Izzy's team... they are all very positive. I can't imagine dealing with negativity at school. I came away feeling like I had a great support, working with me to help Izzy. It was good.
There were goals set for the next school year.
There was no question that Izzy is very aware of her environment and that a primary goal is to help her communicate more effectively.
She will have a few new faces working with her next year. She will have her own paraprofessional who will be with her the entire time she is in school and will work with the vision therapist about an hour a day. She will also spend time in kindergarten every day. She loves her friends from pre-k so it makes sense that she will move up with them and spend circle time in that setting.
Overall Isabelle is doing really great, and next year will be a whole new chapter in Izzy's story.

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