Thursday, October 28, 2010

Field Trip Fall 2010

We had a fun windy cold day at Orr Family Farm in OKC today. Izzy held a rabbit, pet a chicken and a pig! She rode on a hay ride to a pumpkin patch.... It was the 2nd grade trip, the little girl in the pic above is Grace, Izzy's friend. She has been so sweet to Izzy for years and has been in her classroom for three years (Grace told me this today). She prays for Izzy nightly and is one of a handful of girls who really love Izzy. Melanie, Izzy's teacher is holding Iz for the pic. Arionna and Nathaniel also went on the field trip. Tomorrow is another trip and then yet another in November!

Hips are healing... although allergies have been an issue this week.

Izzy got an award this week at school for meeting her AR goals (AR is a reading program).

In just two weeks I get to fly to Seattle to meet a group of mothers who have children who have nearly drowned. A few of these ladies have been such good friends for years! I am so excited!