Friday, September 12, 2008

what's going on...

I was writing a response to an email this morning about Izzy and realized there were enough things going on to warrant an update on her!

I'm seeing some new things this year and it's pretty exciting. Izzy is starting to actually show interest in certain things. This after so many tries to get her to act interested in a toy or a food. She pouted when her teacher tried to replace a toy she was holding and stayed unhappy until she was given back the original toy. I watched her reach for Barney stickers in therapy yesterday and was actually surprised to see her little hand reach high to get the sticker. She really wanted it! I brought home cheesecake from lunch the other day and offered a bite to her. She gobbled up all I would give her. She loved it! I am so excited to see her show preferences!

She loves being read to, likes to be talked to like a big girl, and enjoys her time at school.

You know that we always give God all the glory and praise for any and all improvements in Isabelle, without His healing and protection we would not have her at all. We are so thankful for the work that He is doing and the wonderful things to come!

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