Friday, October 12, 2007

our trip...

Wow, we had so much fun! Izzy loved it! She rode rides and was a trooper. I don't think she cried one time while we were away. She enjoyed the fast pace and was perfect. It was so much fun. (did I say that already?) I'll leave you with a few pictures and plan to keep posting pics as I sort through them.
Izzy at the dinner table ... happy!

Izzy decked out for the day in pink!

Izzy in the car... ready for a day of fun!

Izzy and mom at the beach.

Emelia at the beach!

I also wanted to mention a little change in Izzy. I noticed it before we went when Amanda was taking izzy off the therapy table, she cried like she was afraid to fall. She has never acted like she was worried about falling. Yesterday Camilla said she was scared on the barrel and she attributed it to an increase in depth perception and vision! We didn't do therapy while on vacation, but Camilla said her legs didn't show it at all. All good things.

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annb said...

The pics are great and Izzy's smile is beautiful! She looks so alert! What a great time you must have had - all of you. What a blessing!
In His Love and Blessings,

Karen said...

She is wonderful, it sounds like she just adored the holiday and she looks beautiful.

Haley said...

The news about Izzy's legs and eyes is wonderful! I'm so glad she enjoyed vacation!


justabeachkat said...

Yeah, great news on Izzy Bear! Great progress.

The photos are all so good. Looking forward to seeing more.


Nancy Face said...

Izzy looks so cute in her schnazzy sunglasses...and happy too! :D

What a great picture of Emelia! :)

Sheryl said...

Beautiful! Love the smile and the shades :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Annie, what precious pictures. Ya know, since I've never met Izzy in person, I don't get to see all her expressions and how often her eyes are glowing to the point of pure alertness ... I have to say, she seems SOOOOO bright eyed and alert in in these pictures!! The first picture and 2 others down there ... I think it was. So much so, it gave me the chills. I can see a change (in pictures) for the good, just in the year that I've known ya in bloggy land. God is good!!

Loved the picture of Izzy in her sunglasses (in the car) ..... adorable!

I also wanted to tell you that I can't get into your blog at all now. I even tried on David's computer. I don't know if it's our ISP or what ... Just wanted you to know. I'm reading everything of yours through Google Reader, but I just can't comment. So, please know that my prayers are always with you and I'm reading ...

OKGardners said...

I LOVE these pictures. Tell your Mom she looks great and I know she is always happy to be there for her kids and grandkids. You have such a loving family. You are ALL blessed!


Coach J said...

I love all the vacation pics! How encouraging that she is beginning to notice depth--yay!!
She does look like she is having alot of fun, and I can see it in her eyes.
How great that your parents-or at least, your mom-got to go with y'all!!