Wednesday, December 13, 2006



annb said...

What a great picture! I can't believe they've all grown up so much! Amanda looks just like you -you have great looking kids. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with your family!

faraja said...

Hi Annie,

I was clicking through the CWO Blog Ring and came across your blog...just thought to say hi since I've been browsing through your posts a bit :) You have a beautiful family! And Izzy is such a treasure!!

I also have an Izzy, she's only 4 months old though, and we spell her name with an 'o' (Isobel)

Blessing to you and your family. I'll pop in again for another visit later. Have a Merry Christmas :)


Luke's Mom said...

What beautiful picture, your children are all so sweet looking. I hope that you are able to enjoy this Christmas season, it sounds like you've really had a lot going on.

Love in Christ,

Carmichael Family said...

What a beautiful picture of your children!