Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring Break!!!

This is Izzy's light box. She works in her stander at school at least 30 minutes a day with Niecie... they have their own quiet cool room and she is encouraged to move the beads in front of the box to use her hands with her vision. Niecie goes to our church and she is able to pray with Izzy when they are in this room without other students. We love Niecie...

This is spring break for all the kids. They have had special days with my mother and are going to Matt's mother's house for a few days this evening. They are going to the aquatic center and movies... shopping... fun fun. Monday was Emelia's 8th birthday. We went to the mall and had her nails painted and made (another) build a bear (a cat this time) and shopped.... had lunch. It was a good day for Emelia!!!

Izzy is doing well. I'm reading a book written by the man who founded the place in PA we are going to this summer. It is really interesting... Really pushes a lot of floor time so we are trying to work that into our schedule.

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Julie said...

So you are definitely going to PA this summer? Very cool.
No new news about the house or job. Raining here too...lots and lots of rain. It sounds pretty outside my window.
Love you