Friday, May 19, 2006

IEP and other things...

Another busy week..
Last Friday after seeing Isabelle's story in the papers, a reporter from Fox news called wanting to do a story for the news that night. He came and interviewed me, and it was on the news Friday night. We talked a lot about pool safety. It went really well, although I hated seeing myself on television (ugh)! But I would do anything for Isabelle and to spread the word about pool awareness... Like Matt says, it's like having a loaded gun in your back yard.
Isabelle kicked the ball twice while side lying in physical therapy. She also reached for the ball twice. Then on Thursday Camilla worked with suction balls on a mirror, asking her to look from one color to the other which she did very well. She preferred the yellow to the green and when asked if she wanted to get the ball she vocalized and then made an effort to get the ball. We were all impressed by her! She continues to show us just how smart she is!
The golf tournament was fun (I didn't actually play golf) but I was there and it looked fun! It was great to see people coming together for our Izzy. We are now planning a big event in June... a silent auction, moon walk, popcorn, snow cones, face painting, band playing, hot dogs, "mom's" cinnamon rolls (yum!). . . We're praying for great success with this event!
We had Isabelle's IEP at school Wednesday. I honestly don't really like these meetings, but it was very pleasant and I just sat there thinking how blessed we were to have a team of people working toward a common goal of getting Izzy better and I could see and feel the love they all have for her. They made really good goals for her and they made it clear that they could see a lot of potential. I am excited to see what leaps we make over the Summer with our new program that starts in July... She will go to Physical therapy and occupational therapy weekly over the summer as well as continue with horse riding and chiropractor.
On another note... Izzy's big sister, Amanda, had award's assembly Tuesday evening. She is graduating from 9th grade this year. She was awarded a golden falcon for all A's for her junior high career among other honors and was named valedictorian. We are very proud of her as well as Bailey and Emelia.


OKGardners said...

What a big, happy family you have with all the "KID" activities coming up so positive. Tell Amanda we are proud of her for her good grades. Tell Bailey and Emelia they are great kids, too, for being such good help to you and Izzy. Great news about Izzy listening to and following directions on her ball kicking and suction cups on the mirror projects. They really use some unique methods with her.

We missed the Fox News segment. Matt is right about a pool in the backyard being like a loaded gun. Good illustration he used.

Where do Silent Auction donations need to be taken? You are right about your Mom's Cinnamon Rolls -- they are BETTER than fantastic. God Bless your entire family over the summer. Betty & Ed G.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Annie,

We are still watching and praying for Izzy from Hawaii! How awesome she is doing. Hoping that your visit to IAHP exceeds your expectations and help Izzy explode out of her shell:)! You are doing a great job at turning your trial into a blessing for all others who won't have to walk this road because you so freely shared your heart and story!

Tiffany, Abbie and all

Anonymous said...

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