Sunday, July 23, 2006


Amanda & Matt
Chad Timmerman on the golf cart
Matt "having a go" at a new exercise for Izzy
Tim Timmerman showing us how it's done

We are home from our trip for Izzy's evaluation and our training to carry out her program with the guys from AIAHP. We were thrilled to have experts in this area all the way from Australia to work with us. We learned so much over the last few days.

Izzy did pretty well with the evaluation, basically they just put on paper what we already knew. The good news is we are now armed with exercised and activities to wake up the right parts of her brain! I am very excited to see the changes over the next few months as we make the program work for Isabelle.

Some of you may know that we had already started a "program" based on the information in both Keith Pennock and Doman's books. We found out we had jumped a few stages so we now have a better program made just for Isabelle. Everything from spinning to disco balls to nutrition. It is pretty interesting.

Matt, Amanda and myself had all read the book so we knew a lot of the history and theories behind the program. They said usually the 'dads' don't read the book, so Matt gets a gold star!


OKGardners said...

Great pictures and a great family approach to Izzy's treatment plan. Keep up the good work! She has come so far already that it is amazing.

Betty & Ed

Carmichael Family said...

How exciting to have some new approaches to work from and new ideas to try. It must be reasurring to know you're definitely on the right track. Great pictures...that's wonderful that you got to work with experts all the way from Australia! I'll be praying that these exercises bring continued healing for Izzy.
God bless,

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