Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This & that....

I keep intending to take the camera to school and get a picture of Isabelle there, but it just hasn't happened yet...
Life is beginning to feel normal again. All the kids are in school and our routine is being established. We have moved up to two sessions a day of Isabelle's program and plan to go to three in the next couple of days. Laura came on her lunch hour Tuesday to help pattern Izzy and my dad has been coming some afternoons. Laura is putting a sign up sheet out at church to recruit more volunteers. We've been told that the program is most successful when there is a lot of help. They talked about a family in New Zealand who live in a town with only a few hundred people, but that everyone in that town helps out. I tend to try to manage and do everything on my own, but I think Izzy will benefit from having lots of helping hands so we'll see what happens.
School is going well again this year for Isabelle. She is in her same class with her teachers from last year. We both love them all! She has p.t. with Camilla who we love as well! We have truly been blessed with wonderful people all around us. We are blessed and highly favored.
Izzy is doing great! She will start horse riding again in a few weeks. We are trying to coordinate our schedules with our friends in Ponca to get more dives in. Hopefully we will be heading to Ponca next week for a couple of days.
I cannot wait until I can write an update about how Isabelle crawled across the floor, or walked a certain amount of steps. I know that day is coming!


Carmichael Family said...

Joining you in prayer for sweet Isabelle. That is wonderful that others are getting involved and are able to help with Izzy's program...that must be a blessing to her and you as well.
My children don't start school until beginning of September, but I am looking forward to getting back into the routine of things (as a teacher, it will be weird not teaching this year, but at least with the kids in school things will seem a bit more normal). God bless you all.

Luke's Mom said...


It's exciting to hear that Izzy is doing so well. I too look forward to the day that I blog about Luke running and playing, singing and shouting and all the other wonderful things he will do some day.

I hope that you are able to get help with Izzy's program. We started a program a long time ago but did not stay very faithful with it. We are going up for another evaluation in September, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some more help this time.

I just want to let you know that I'm blessed by your friendship and you always encourage me with your faith. May God richly bless you today!