Monday, September 04, 2006


Paula (matt's mom) came down Friday and Saturday to help with 
Izzy's therapy.   Jane Ann (matt's sister) also came to visit.   
We are continuing to see more movement in Izzy's legs.  She was lying on her blanket last night and was asleep and I looked down to notice her really moving her legs and arms a lot.  I know that new pathways are being made in her brain with all our sessions.  
Yesterday after church we had Subway... Emelia wanted to get cookies so we did... I sat with Izzy and fed her a few bites of cookie.  I noticed that she was really chewing on the left side.  She usually does chew and manages to get the cookie or bite of whatever down eventually, but it was a much more effective chew and she ate most of the half cookie I managed to get.  All those chewing exercises during her program are paying off, praise God!
Sunday is our day off and I almost think Isabelle misses it when we don't do her program, but she won't miss it today! :)


suzyQ said...

Hey i love your site!! We are praying 4 u!~Jane N Suzy Q (skippers crew)

suzyQ said...

when is ur next visit???