Thursday, May 03, 2007

Izzy update~

I haven't updated in a while, things continue to move along at a pretty fast pace.
We took Izzy to Bear again this Monday. He is really getting attached to her quickly. He told her she was his favorite client and that he looks forward to seeing her all week. He then offered to babysit with his wife anytime, he had me until he mentioned they had a really big dog (220 pounds!). He is sweet and I think the techniques he uses on her are really helping to relax her muscles.
She fell asleep Wednesday in school while standing in the stander with her foot splints on! They said they heard her snoring... so they took her out. She came home and slept for an hour after lunch too. Today she had a really busy day at school, OT, PT, and ST. After school she had her appointment with Heath (chiropractor).
Therapy continues to go well, she is tolerating the new program better and better. The assisted crawl is also going really well. She pushes along the 20 ft. each time and is beginning to use her arms to pull herself as well.
I think I mentioned that we had her IEP at school, planning for next year. They have decided that she understands so much that they want her to have more input. They are going to start her day in the normal pre-k class each day. She will go in the afternoons. I'm pretty excited about this! The group that works with her are truly a God send. I know that they all love her very much and want to see her do well. I appreciate their love and care so much.
Amanda, Bailey, and Emelia are great helpers with Izzy's therapy. Any of the three can step in to take a spot in her program and do it as well as any adult.
Amanda was inducted into the national honor society Tuesday evening. She will now begin to clock in community volunteer hours. The mission trip she is taking to Montreal will count and so will her hours she helps doing therapy. We're very proud of her!
Isabelle continues to be so healthy and strong. We're very thankful for that and for everyone who prays for her!

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Anonymous said...

Annie, You are so committed to Izzys programme and it is sure paying off, her cognitive ability IS AMAZING. Your children are so supportive and an absolute credit to you and your husband.


jdoriot said...

Oh Annie! I have been so terrible with keeping up with you all...I have been slammed these past couple of weeks..I did want you to know though that I am still praying for Izzy and the rest of your family! I think it sounds like Izzy is doing wonderful...I had to laugh about the snoring!! And about that quilt...we had already started working on Izzy's quilt even before you asked! We are just soooo slllooowww! lol!!

Sonya said...

I'm so glad to hear Izzy is tolerating the new program well. This is a wonderful blessing! God is such an awesome God and can do more than we can think or imagine. Keep the faith (I know you will) and continue to be strong for Izzy. I'm convinced that half of her progress is because she knows you are there pushing her on! I can't wait for the day when Izzy is completely healed!