Saturday, December 01, 2007


It's been so long since I have updated this blog... so much is the same, and yet things are continuing to change and progress continues to be made. I am so proud of how well Izzy is doing in school this year. It really makes me happy to hear all the good reports when I pick her up. I believe that even if the reports are less than positive, I know she is still improving... but hearing good things is always a good thing. Some happy things going on with Izzy lately ....
... she loves pre-k and continues to really respond to her pre-k friends. Kathy went to class with her Thursday and said she was amazed at how much Izzy has improved since last year. She also said Izzy reached out to take a toy house. That's new!
... Izzy loves letters. She pays close attention when looking at letters! She (with Niecie's help) wrote an E last week. She took the marker in her hand and held on to write. She wanted to do it.
... She has been very vocal and communicative, more all the time.
... She had some stuffiness again over last weekend and first part of the week, but is all better now!
... Bear is still doing great with her. He said Friday he could see improvements since our last visit.
... Jana, Brook, and baby Nikki visited tonight. Nikki (10 months old) was climbing on Izzy and she pushed her away.
There are so many little things but that's all I can think to write tonight.
I can't close without thanking you again for keeping Izzy in your prayers.

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annb said...

Isn't it funny that pushing away a little one is a "good thing"! I love a good Praise Report and I continue to pray for Izzy's healing.
In His Love and Blessings,

Joyful Days said...

So glad for the Izzy report!! She is on my heart & in my prayers. I bet she loves the pretty sights and sounds from this time of year.

In Him,


Our Peculiar Life said...

What a wonderful update!!! I am so glad everything is going so well and you are seeing such improvements. HALLELUJAH!

Kari said...

I'm always glad to hear positive reports about Izzy. Love the new blog design for the holidays, too!

Merry Christmas Izzy and Annie!

Nancy Face said...

This post made me happy, and her Christmas design looks just beautiful! You are such a wonderful mom, Annie! :)

Jodi said...

Great update!!! Her page is very festive!!

Hugs to you both!

Coach J said...

I love the new look!
And seeing all the progress listed makes my heart glad! Sometimes, it's good to make a list, and remember :)