Friday, November 07, 2008


Here is Izzy with the orthotist, in her new swash!

Izzy was little red riding hood for Halloween.

Izzy is doing great in the swash! She is already looser in the pelvic area and hips. Yesterday Camilla said that she sat Izzy on the bolster and told her to stand up to the count of 10. I'm sure Camilla was holding her hands. So she stood each time and when Camilla said 10 Izzy would sit down. She challenged her to go to 20 but Izzy sat down at 10 or 11. I guess she was getting tired.

When Margaret worked with her afterwards she had rhyming flash cards and a switch that simply said "yes" for izzy to push. Each time Margaret showed her and spoke the rhyming words Izzy would push yes and did not push the button for the words that did not rhyme. She did all the answers correct and consistantly. At the end Margaret told her how well she had done and Izzy pushed the button for a "yes."

She is still adjusting to the new AFO's. She lasts about 1-2 hours before demanding they come OFF. We cut back the tension on the right one last night and are hoping just getting used to them on her feet will help her adjust. We're very excited about getting the kid walk soon and having her all ready for lots of standing and moving!

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Joyful Days said...

She's such a cutie! So excited for her about the flashcards and it sounds like she really has some opinions!!

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