Thursday, December 04, 2008

AFO results...

Izzy with Gram & Emelia

I have been recording the angles of izzy's ankles each week since we got her new AFOs.  
When we started the left foot was 45 degrees and the right was 25 degrees
After the first two weeks it was 40  and 20. (measured by orthotist)
November 24 it was 32 & 18.
Today it is 28 and 12!!!  When we get within 10 degrees of our goal (90 degrees or normal flat foot) we will order the standing AFOs and shoes!
Our goal (set by orthotist) was to get 2-3 degrees per week!  She has exceeded those goals.  
We should be getting the KIDWALK any day now.  I pray that she is inspired to move when she gets in it and that her feet are stretched enough to stand comfortably.  Well, I really pray that she'll take off walking (Mark 11:24 ... 2 Corinthians 5:7).

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Joyful Days said...

This is awesome!! And what a great photo. Izzy looks so pretty.



oh amanda said...

Me, too! I'm so excited about her progress! I think that's a miracle, too!

(((hugs))) to you and Izzy!

Luke's Mom said...

What a beautiful picture, Izzy is looking so good!

I will be praying along with you that she will take off walking soon. As we know my friend NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!

Love in Christ,

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