Saturday, June 27, 2009

a quilt.

Kate is a member of the ponds (parents of near drownings) group... she is not a parent of a near drowning, but is a quilt maker. She has a long waiting list for her special quilts. Isabelle has been on her list for years. At least two years ago Kate mentioned some of the patterns of material she had found and wanted to know if anyone on the waiting list was interested. She mentioned an olivia the pig pattern and I said I thought Iz would love that!

The Olivia the pig quilt arrived this week. Such a beautiful quilt full of so much handwork and love. The border around the edge says, "exercise is good, accessorizing is better." Isn't that cute? There are pigs with bows and different accessories on the quilt. It's a great size and I know Isabelle will enjoy it so much. We've had fun just looking at the different pigs on the quilt.
The quilt group is "Circle of Hope." Thank you Kate & Circle of Hope for such a wonderful quilt of love and... well... pigs :) !


Joyful Days said...

That is gorgeous. Praying Izzy will enjoy all the love that obviously went into that.

OKGardners said...

That's a wonderful quilt, made with love and hope. That lady and her group are a real blessing!

Betty G.

MilitaryMomsUnite said...

What a special group you have, along with a heart warming quilt story. I myself would love to make an Olivia quilt for my little girl, she will be Olivia this year for halloween, she just loves her. I have been looking for a pattern for quite sometime now, have found none that would work, and think this one would be wonderful with the fabric that I already have. I have search and searched for a pattern but can not locate any. Could you put me in touch with Kate so I could get the pattern name to make one, I would be ever greatful. I bet your lzzy just loves hers. Thank you and may the Lord bless your little girl.


Julie said...

Love the quilt! Alex saw it and now she wants one. hee hee
Nadia loves Olivia and is watching it right now, actually.

Love you Izzy and hope the appt goes well Thursday (? or is it Wednesday?).