Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back in school...

Izzy had a good week back in school. We had her Psych Eval. at the school on Thursday, now when the HCA get that faxed in we should be all set for tefra and be able to move forward on getting all her teeth crowned (ugh). I am very happy that we are one step closer.
At school they worked with her switch, they are trying to use it for her to answer yes or now to questions or choices for what she will be doing. They are trying to teach her that they will do what she chooses.
I got a call on Friday letting me know that Insurance has pre-approved her new stroller. This is also pretty exciting, her stroller is so heavy!
She had the usual chiropractor visits at Heath's office on Tuesday & Thursday. Therapy daily at home. She is getting stronger everyday.
We have been wanting to stop using pediasure for a while. I have continued to use it because it is easy not only feeding it to her but also knowing that she is getting enough calories etc. I did feel like it was too much sugar and that she needed to move on. She didn't have any pediasure all weekend. I fed her blended vegetable stew last night, she ate it but I think it was too spicy because I got a lot of funny faces. I am going to have to be more mindful of making her food before spicing things up. I made her a 'shake' tonight with blueberries and cereal and her juice plus vitamins. I feel like she gets a lot of what she needs from the juice plus. She has been so healthy. I attribute this to God first and foremost. I also know that God has led us in the right direction in so many areas of Izzy's recovery. One has definately been the juice plus.
I made an appointment with Dr. Wright at the Children's Center for the end of the month to schedule more botox injections. I feel like her left foot is pretty tight and she isn't enjoying her walking at school as much. She also tends to scissor her legs and the injections in her thighs last time really helped this. I feel calmer about it because it was so easy last time. She didn't cry or act uncomfortable. Dr. Wright does a really good job.
It's official, the Austrialians (AIAHP) are coming February 21 and will evaluate Izzy the 21 and 22nd. I am looking forward to viewing the new programme for her. I know they will see she is doing great.
I cannot say, "she is walking." but I can say, "she will be walking." and she will. I know it! I serve a mighty God and I believe His promises. I also believe it is His will to restore her body.


annb said...

What a great report! Since you are no longer using the pediasure, I have a JuicePlus meal-replacement powder which I regularly use since my bypass surgery. If you would like to try some for her, I can get a couple of cans to you. I think it might be a great replacement for the Pediasure. Let me know and I would be glad to share with you - you can try it out and see if it's something you could use in meeting Izzy's nutritional needs. I, too, am praying and believing in Izzy's recovery. Thank you for sharing her progress!

Emma R. said...

Thanks for stopping by Emma's blog. I am glad you did so I could come see yours. Izzy sure is a very pretty girl. Sounds like you guys have been through a lot. Looks like you have come a long way too.

Emma R. said...

One more post sorry, forgot to tell you Emma gets botox from Dr Wright too. Isnt he wonderful? I just adore him, he is one of the best doctors we have found . I bet with his help Izzy will be walking before you know it

Dawn said...

Annie Could tou email me a big pictur of the one at the top of this post, I think it would lool beautiful on the other side of my fireplace alog with the Thomas Kinkade Sunrise picture.