Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thirteen Things that make me smile!

1…. hearing a friend's voice on the phone.
2... a clean house.
3... seeing a smile on the face of my children.
4... recieving snail mail!
5... good reports from Izzy's teachers and/or therapists.
6... watching our dog lady eat pistachios after shelling them carefully with her teeth.
7... seeing dad walking up the road toward my house.
8... listening to a favorite song.
9... matt.
10... watching mom do head turning every evening while singing, "turning izzy's head."
11... a good sale.
12... sweet happy memories.
13... reading comments from you.

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Rashenbo said...

Your dog shells pistachios? That's cool... My dog would just swallow them whole! :D

Nice list... I love things that make one happy!

Thank you for visiting my list.

Missy said...

Very nice list! I'd like to see the dog shelling pistachios. ;)

Lara said...

awwww... what a happy and beautiful list! a lot of that stuff makes me smile too - snail mail? LOVE it. and of course comments are always happiness-inducing. :)

i just joined TT, and i have my very first one up! yay!

Dawn said...

Annie, I am still waiting to join in.
Blessings, Dawn

Douglas Cootey said...

I LOVE #13. I live for comments. What's the point of blogging if we can't connect with people, right?

Nice list. Thanks for posting it.

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