Saturday, July 21, 2007

izzy update **updated (added pic)**

How can we be so busy and yet not have that much to report?
Funny huh?
Well, here is one of the pics Izzy's Summer occupational therapist, Debbie, sent from last Wednesday's session. Thanks Debbie for taking the time to take pictures and to email them!

Izzy's new stroller was delivered right before school on Wednesday.
It is huge!
Izzy does seem pretty comfortable in it so we'll see what the p.t. thinks of it.

This is how the stroller looks right now. I ordered a new one not only because Izzy is outgrowing hers, but also because it is so heavy to lift it in and out of my suburban. This one is in two pieces and I haven't quite mastered the assemble/disassembly.
That metal part is pretty heavy, but I am hoping I get used to it.
A friend and fellow ND parent has a lightweight umbrella type stroller she isn't using now and is mailing it to us for those quick run in trips. Thanks Dawn!

We went out today so I took a quick pic of Izzy actually in her new stroller!
Bailey and Emelia have spent the week at art camp. They had such a good time. Bailey was in a film class and at the end of the week brought home a video the class made. He is the 'star.' It was so cute! and Emelia took a jewelry class so she came home looking like a different kind of 'star'... She was definitely in her element and enjoyed all the jewelry making.
Amanda is continuing to help with Izzy's therapy during the day.
We are also putting Izzy in the stander and on her tummy several times a day.
She is doing great and is so incredibly healthy it is amazing, God is good!

That's all I have for today, thank you for your prayers and the love you have in your hearts for our sweet little Izzy!

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kim said...

Hi Annie--
That new stroller does look heavy but I bet she will be comfortable in it. I watch the rep my workplace uses to fit kids to strollers and wheelchairs and he is amazing. It can be quite an art to get everything adjusted just right! Everytime Duncan comes to our center I am so thankful for him: his gentle spirit and willingness to go the extra mile for our families. I hope you have someone equally nice!
On another note...the picture of Izzy is adorable and I absolutely love her beautiful hair!! :)

OKGardners said...

We always love updates on Izzy and your family. She looks so good at her therapy. God has His hand on her.

Betty & Ed

Marcia said...

Izzy looks great doing her therapy. She is healed in Jesus name :)

Melody said...

The new stroller looks comfy!

sheryl said...

Izzy' hair is sooo long and beautiful!
Thanks for sharing the good reports and cute pics!

ohamanda said...

Yay, Izzy! She's so cute!

Always praying AND believing!

Julie said...

The picture of Izzy at school is so cute!! She looks so adorable in her little red outfit. And she looks like she is working hard.
The stroller looks huge in the back of your suburban but when she is in it, it doesn't look that big.
Happy Monday!

Julie said...

One more thing...
Avery read Izzy's blog and says he wants a stroller like Izzy's! He is asking me to buy him one. ha ha
Maybe not pink though.

Luke's Mom said...


Thank you for the update. The pictures are great! I can totally understand about how heavy wheelchairs can be, we are have one that is pretty compact and perhaps not as heavy as some are.

I continue to pray for Izzy's healing to happen soon. Have you been able to go back to anymore healing schools?

Love in Christ,

The Cooke Family said...

Hi Annie,
I found your link b/c of a comment you left on a friend of mines blog. I was captivated by Izzy's story. I have had 3 near death experiences in my life, one of them being - almost drowning in our pool. I was being watched by the housekeeper while my mom was out. She never knew I fell in the pool. If it were not for my neighbor seeing me floating, I would not be alive today. I know God did not spare me to live a life without purpose, as I'm sure you know He has a great purpose for your daughter as well. You have a beautiful family, and and trust that God has great plans for you all!

The Estrogen Files said...

She's getting a new ride?! Cool!