Thursday, July 05, 2007


We've stepped up Izzy's schedule... with Summer we were a little lax, but Coach Matt has given us all the pep talk we probably needed and things are going well. Since Amanda is without employment he has employed her here. She is doing an hour or two of Izzy's therapy per day and other various jobs for us. It is working out well to have her on the payroll (:o)) I am thinking a job away from home is probably looking really good right about now. The good news is that she can also use her therapy hours for National Honor Society. She also gets to use hours from the Canada trip.
Our home has been a kid magnet all Summer! The neighborhood kids enjoyed popping all their fireworks right in front of our home and come to swim a lot! Bailey had a guest all weekend and then another friend stayed Monday-Wednesday. Emelia's little school friend just showed up too! Earlier Emelia was in the kitchen with a line of sandwiches she was making to carry out to the 'hungry' neighbor kids... I think I've painted a picture of what life is like around here :o).
No school this week for Izzy as it was fourth of July. I think the multitude of fireworks was great visual stimulation, so much so that she fell asleep watching them. Our neighbors chose this romantic holiday for their backyard wedding. Rumor has it they also dressed as Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam. I miss all the good parties. The best part was the after wedding firework display we were able to watch from our front yard.
Lots of therapy, tummy time, standing, swimming, rolling etc. for Izzy. I cut a few inches off of her hair this afternoon because it was just so long it got in the way of things. I almost regret it, but I know it will be easier to brush out and she will be more comfortable not getting it caught all the time.
Please continue to say those prayers for faith for our sweet little Izzy!

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Joyful Days said...

Sounds like Miss Izzy (and everyone else!) is very, very busy!!!

Summer time fun!

As always prayerfully for Izzy,


oh amanda said...

Absolutely praying! I walked in the park today with Lydia and prayed for Izzy.

Melanie said...

I am new to your blog and I have been looking around a bit. I read Izzy's story and I think you are wonderful to try to spread the word about drownings and children. I am sorry for what you have had to go through and I will add Izzy and your family to my prayer list.

OKGardners said...

Annie, Raising kids will always be the highlight of your entire life. I love the way your kids are so willing to help you around the house and with Izzy. God has blessed you with GREAT kids. (Grandma Maybell was right!)

We'll keep praying for all of you.

Betty & Ed

Tori :) said...

So inspiring. You are awesome Annie.

justabeachkat said...


I'm glad Amanda is able to help with Miss Izzy. I know this frees you up a little more.

It sounds like your house is buzzing all the time with the activity and kids, etc.

I do keep you and your family in my prayers.


sheryl said...

I know all your kids are special,Annie, but Amanda sounds like a jewel!!
Praying for Izzy, of course...but praying for your whole family as God leads you through this journey.
(((HUGS))) your believe background!

sheryl said...

Forgot to say that I especially love your header!