Wednesday, June 11, 2008

summer school

Today was Izzy's first day of Summer School, which is basically a short session with PT and OT at school. It is on Wednesdays throughout June and July. Today we saw Camilla (our favorite :) ) and the representative from an equipment company came to try her out in a semi new product called Kid Walk. It is really hard to describe, but it holds her in place securely while allowing her oppportunity to move. It is really a neat thing and I was impressed with several things.

  1. She is never very happy in any type of standing device and she seemed pretty comfortable in this.
  2. She looked pretty good in it and her legs looked good.
  3. She could easily move.
  4. She did try to initiate a step or two at the beginning.

It did make her very tired. We moved from that to try a lightweight stroller because she is outgrowing hers and she almost went to sleep she was so comfortable in this. We are hoping to get a good deal on this demo model. They retail for about 2K and so we'll see. He's supposed to let us know about pricing later today. I don't think insurance will pay for another stroller yet because she got the big one about a year ago. We can't use it because it's too heavy to get in and out of the car so it's brand new. It is also really big. This one is lightweight like the one we've been using, just bigger. It was really comfortable to her and that's huge because she is rarely comfortable in anything.

I took a few pictures of her in the equipment because it is so hard to describe. Of course she had a slew of therapist messing with her the entire time. I'd like to see her in it alone, just left to do whatever and see if she tries to move. I think she would!





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Joyful Days said...

I hope you get what is best for Izzy at a price you can manage.

She looks so sweet in that tangerine colored outfit & all of those gorgeous curls.

Much love & many prayers,


Luke's Mom said...

Izzy is looking good! What a great piece of equipment, you are blessed to have such a wonderful school district. I hope and pray that all works out for your best in getting her a new chair. We are currently working on getting a chair for Luke, since we've never ordered one for him yet, we've been borrowing one from his Therapy place. It blows me away at how much they are charge for these chairs. The longer I'm involved with all these medical costs the more I want to see some reform in this country, though not the kind the Dems are talking about.

You are an amazing Mama, keep up the great work!

Love in Christ,
Suzi Searles

jenny-up the hill said...

Wow! That looks completely neat and I love that it gives kiddos more freedom to move...and yes, a more lightweight stroller would be nice. I can't imagine having to lug a heavy stroller in and out of the car all the would slay me! lol!! I hope you all were able to get a good deal on the demo!!