Friday, July 04, 2008

happy fourth...

A pic of Izzy from today.

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Luke's Mom said...

Once again a great picture! Who took it? It's so cool the way the light is shinning on half of her face.

I would have to agree totally with you that Gordy and I would be willing to do anything, go anywhere, or sell all we had to see Luke healed. It is amazing to think that God does not require us to do anything but have FAITH in Him. Though sometimes I think it would be easier if we could do something more than just trust in His timing. Especially for those of us that are "doers".

Emelia's room look great! It's such a good feeling to get those huge projects finished. Today we did some major cleaning of the garage and the kids sandbox, along with getting Daniel's room turned into a office.

Be blessed my friend,

Joyful Days said...

This photo blessed me to pieces.

Believing for Izzy!!