Saturday, January 03, 2009


We got word from Asbury that the "kid walk" is finally all ready to be delivered! It is amazing when you go through the steps/hoops for something like this and finally get it! It is such a happy "finally" moment! We first tried this piece of equipment out in June. The pic is from that first trial of the kid walk. It is pretty new and we were all excited about how she looked in it and had great hopes for her in it. After a trip to the orthotist in November we began working on getting her feet in a flat position so that she wouldn't be working against them. Gary the orthotist made special stretching foot splints with springs that allowed her to push against them, but when she sleeps they automatically pull on her feet constantly. She has made such great gains over the last couple of months wearing the splints mostly at night. We tell her that she is getting her feet ready for the kid walk and she really seems motivated to tolerate the splints. We also got the swash in November and it has made a world of difference in her hips. I wish we'd had this all along!

They will deliver the kid walk Wednesday to school. I can't wait to get her upright more and see her have an opportunity to move. All she has to do is simply lean at first and the walker will roll in any direction. I am hoping that she will be excited about moving herself.

Isabelle had a good Christmas, she had a little cold but overall seemed to enjoy the holidays more this year than in previous years.

AFO measurements... left 18, right 8! The plan is to pick up the soft body cast (removeable and for positioning) in one week, revisit in two weeks for adjustments and at that time make molds for the new standing/walking afos and order the little shoes!!! We are so close!

God is good. All the time.

Happy New Year!


Joyful Days said...

Happy New Year, Izzy and Annie. Praying & believing all of these new things bring blessings & a wonderful 2009!!

Go, Izzy, Go!!!


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Luke's Mom said...

Praise God for the good report! I'm praying that this year will bring amazing progress for Izzy, that she will begin to walk and talk again. I'm so thankful that we serve a mighty God, who is in the miracle working business.

Love in Christ,

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