Thursday, February 04, 2010

pediatric orthopedic surgeon appointment update.

Matt and I took izzy to the pediatric orthopedic surgeon Wednesday morning. The primary reason for scheduling this appointment was reports of increasing hip pain and discomfort. The secondary reason was a discussion I had with her orthotist about doing some tendon release to get her feet where they need to be (flat.). It's no secret that Izzy's diagnosis is not something that doctors can "fix" or even know what to do about. The brain is a mystery. The body parts are not such a mystery, and Dr. Herndon felt very confident in the surgery he is suggesting as very necessary. I zoned out after I heard incisions and bone cutting so I'm not sure about the exact details but I do know that it is a long surgery requiring a partner to work on opposite hip at same time for six hours total. It will require a blood transfusion. She will be put in a cast from chest to toes for six weeks. Yesterday was very overwhelming. We live in a protective cocoon... believing Izzy will get better... not seeing her through physical eyes but with our spiritual eyes. Listening to a doctor make proclamations about her condition is and always has been disheartening. Don't misunderstand, our God is bigger than those words... but we are human and words hurt. These particular words seemed to hurt a little too much yesterday.

I continue to stand on the scriptures of promise that are tabbed above. I am so thankful for family and for friends who are supportive and encouraging at times like this when we face uncertainty, and yet know where all certainty comes from. Sounds like a double existance, and honestly sometimes feels like one. I think that is just another way the enemy inhabits our thoughts and tries to cause our faith to decrease. I was especially thankful for Matt yesterday. I remembered how good we are as a team yesterday. The reason I think we stayed sane (or partially sane :) ) through Izzy's accident and hospital stay. He is strong where I am weak. I'd like to think visa-versa as well.

We could sure use prayers (of faith) right now. Our church is having a 24 hour prayer vigil for Iz. I keep thinking someone is praying for her right now. What a comfort.

I have an appointment Monday for her to see the hospital orthotist to have a brace made for her back to try to keep her back straight(er) while sitting up. The next step will be an appt. with the orthopedic surgeon for xrays again to make sure the brace is effective.

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orthopaedic surgeons said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been wondering how Izzy was going. I have checked your posts for updates. Sorry to hear she is having issues with her legs.

Liz and Ashleigh

oh amanda said...

Oh, Annie! I'm praying for you guys! You are so right to look at her thru "faith" eyes. But since we live in this world, you guys are also smart to follow what the doctors say. I'm praying for wisdom for all of you.

And healing. Totally.

love you,