Tuesday, October 16, 2007

disney ~ day three

Here we are first thing Friday morning, meeting Barney!
(and baby bop and TJ)
Just meeting the group...
We headed over to the pillow maker to get a special pillow!
Here's Izzy with her pillow.

We were then given a star to write Izzy's name on...

This is the ceiling of the castle of miracles. Izzy's star is in this section.
There are 36,000 stars in the castle!
All this before breakfast! Here we are sitting at the breakfast table!
Izzy is happy, it's been a great morning.

Izzy with Amanda
Change of clothes and ready to go to Epcot!

Happy in the car as we're pulling out of the drive.

We got very very wet! It came a downpour as we were walking to get into epcot.
You can tell I am saying, "I'm soaking wet!"
Here's little soaking wet Izzy!

This was Izzy's favorite ride at Epcot. It was all about Nemo.

That pretty much concluded day three. We went back to the villa and got dry... ate dinner and headed to bed. I'll be back soon with day four.

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Karen said...

Ooh, my daughter's eyes got big and wide when she saw the Barney pictures - she loves Barney and the gang. Annie, I want to encourage you, you have such a beautiful heart as a mother, you always express such joy, reality and faith - and you make a real difference. I am continuing to pray for Izzy. How is she going with her exercises, are her legs stiff? Anything else I can specifically pray for?

Joyful Days said...

I love seeing the photos of all of you. So glad that you all & especially Izzy had this fun time.