Tuesday, October 23, 2007

orlando - final post

We started our morning (Monday) visiting with Pluto and Mary Poppins.
Pluto was a sweetie!
The girls with Goofy.

We left the village and headed to Universal Studios!

Our first ride was the Dr. Seuss ride.

Izzy really did like this ride! After the first spin she was really holding on though.

We stopped in the I Love Lucy shop

Not long after we came out we saw the actress playing Lucille Ball.
She was so sweet. The girls were up on the sidewalk taking her picture and she stepped down into the 'street' and knelt down to visit with Isabelle and told her how beautiful she is. Very sweet. I didn't spend a lot of time visiting the characters, but found her attention to Izzy to be very endearing and genuine.

Another ride that we all loved including Izzy was the E.T. ride!

Here's Izzy on the E.T. ride!

Well, that almost concludes our trip.... We spent our last evening at the Villa, had dinner and packed. It was a wonderful wonderful week! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Liz and Ashleigh said...

It's so wonderful that Izzy got to go on all the rides with you. What a special family holiday.

Mary said...

Awesome photos of your trip. I explored all of your posts. We are planning a trip to Florida at the end of December with our grandsons. This looks great. We haven't been to MGM Studios in years. Looks like it's time to visit again. Lots of new things.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of your trip. I will keep Izzy and your entire family in my prayers.


Luke's Mom said...

Thanks for finishing up the pictures from your trip. I can't imagine where you find the time to sit down and keep this site and your site up to date. You are a super woman!

Love in Christ,

Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing these great photos and letting us really have a window into your wonderful trip! I am glad that you got to have such a special family time togther!

Blessing and love,

Still your surfing sister,


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